Monday, December 7, 2009

Behind is an understatement...

Once again, I am feeling overwhelmed... behind... I need to find a way to get ahead... but I just think that sometimes, these little strains are put on us to see how far we can stretch. I know what I can do under ordinary circumstances... but what can YOU do when all your plans hit the fan, when the last of your Christmas tinsel is coming undone... when you have nowhere else to turn? That is what will define you!

So, I know I owe you all 7 responses for the past 7 days... and I promise to get there after the kids are in bed! But here are the next batch for the "December Difference Challenge 2009"! Remember, we are now thinking about your family!

December 8: Tell us about your family! Introduce us to the family pets, the favorite pastimes, the spot we'd find you all on a Thursday night... I wanna meet you!

December 9: What would you like your family to look like in 10 years? Would it be bigger? Would you have more pets? Would you be fit? Would you be on a roadtrip?

December 10: If you and yours want to reconnect, what do you do? Is it game night? A favorite meal? Do you head to the rock gym?

December 11: What are some family values that you are passing onto your children, or would like to?

December 12: Speaking of values, in light of the Spirit of the Holidays, what does your family do TOGETHER to spread Christmas Cheer?

December 13: Tell us about some fun family traditions today! Do you do a goofy sock exchange on Christmas eve? What about letting the kiddos wake up at 3am and rush the tree??

December 14: Let's write a letter today. Choose to write it to either your future self, your children, your grandchildren, or your spouse... but it's going to be read on... say... December 25, 2020! What do you hope you have passed on, set as a precident, or hope has changed... This is about setting a legacy for your family. :o)

Whew! Ok... next week, we will be thinking of our neighbors and people locally! I can't wait! OH... and if you are following along, can you post your blog in the comments? I would love to read your responses!

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