Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Book Review: Stay Home Stay Happy

Since I have been trying to be a happier stay at home mom, I was eager to read Rachel Campos-Duffy's book, "Stay Home, Stay Happy". She is a successful mom of 5... who seems to have it all together... and since I, well, don't... I asked Dustin to pick it up on his way home for me.
I have never been one to read books. I devour them. It's a bad thing, really... but at least then I know where a lot of things are in the book for later reference. So when I am trying to figure out a way to reconnect with myself, or how to fit more into my day, or just need a few minutes of serenity, I know exactly where to turn.
But what did I think of the book? Rachel made some great points about family traditions and how she has helped instill some great family values based on her own childhood as well as her religious background. She also had some good ideas on helping a household run efficiently.
But the best part for me was 2 pages long... and it was playlists for her iPod while she worked out at the gym. Seriously.
All in all... it's a good read... but I think I need to find another book to help me find a new kind of fulfillment in being a stay at home mom... I love it, but... well... you know. :o)

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Courtney said...

Wasn't she on The Real World? :)

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