Monday, February 2, 2009

Germ Sponge

I promise I haven't forgotten about you... I am under a lot of pressure right now from the Human Germ Sponge. My kiddo has been to the pedi 3 times in 1 week. He has Croup, had to get a steroid shot to help him get better, and now has conjuntivitis (pink eye)... ewwwww.

Since this isn't fun and is rather draining for a pregnant mom... I'm laying low as long as I can to get this kiddo better and pray that next year at this time, it's not two kiddos being icky.

By the way... if you have stock in Clorox... thank me for your bonus this year!

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Megan said...

Poor baby! That is tough. Mason got croup when I was pregnant with #2 too. It's awful. Hope the little guy is better soon! The link below is our croup story, if it helps...

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