Monday, January 19, 2009

5 days in... and the Pregnancy.

So, I am on day 5 of my change away from the internet connection. I really suck at these kinds of things. I am finding more than ever that I *need* to be online. I have been paying our bills, filing taxes... playing on Facebook. I admit... this is tough trying to unplug.

But, truth be told... I am getting better at the things I felt I was failing at by being online so much. I made dinner from scratch every day last week (except 1 where the hubs took me to happy hour). I also have been slowly getting things organized and figured out, so much so that Dustin has been saying things letting me know that he notices the extra effort. That makes me happy! :o)

So... in other news... I really haven't talked much about the new Baby on the way... we are 18w pregnant... yep... almost 1/2 way there! I still feel a little bit "chubby not pregnant"... but the belly has won the boobs vs belly war. And, we finally feel movement! Don't ask.. we aren't finding out what we are having (although we have ruled out kittens and puppies), and our only goals are that we have a happy, healthy Mom, baby and that both Dustin and I get to be awake and present at the birth! If that can happen... we will be absolutely content with the world!

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