Monday, June 30, 2008

Wilton: Course 1 Final and some other Randomness

Yeah, so I just realized I never showed you my other 2 cakes for my Wilton course. I just get so busy and I forget what is important in this life!

So, cake #2 was nice... but it got to D's work way before I was able to take a picture... I was told it was tasty... but I never got to taste it myself. It was a strawberry cake and it was a pretty basic decorating job... some big polka dots on the sides and nothing on top... I got lazy.

Anyway, cake #3 was my final for the course. We had to work on those damned Wilton Roses. They weren't as hard to make as I thought they'd be.... but my frosting was always either too thick or too warm to work properly (thank you, Arizona)... so my roses look a bit like carnations... but I think they are beautiful. I've always had an eye for finding the beauty in a bit of sugary goodness.

The best thing about this cake... it was a banana cake... tasted like banana bread with frosting... delish! It would have been perfect with a bit of vanilla ice cream, a few walnuts... maybe some caramel... yum....

Ok... I am getting lost in the world of desserts... a place I am trying to avoid! I've decided that the one thing I'd love more than another mouthwatering confection is to be able to fit in my old clothes again! D and I signed up at the local gym to get our fannies into tip top shape! I've only been in once... and it was to use the eliptical for 20 minutes, and then I did the stationary bike for 15 minutes. I learned that girls don't really shower at the gym... but I refused to head over to a birthday party smelling like gym funk... so I braved them... and it wasn't so bad... but I wish there was a shelf so I didn't have to put my pomegranite martini body wash on the ground... that really annoys me more than showering in public... those grounds are nasty! But I digress...

Hopefully those pounds will start dropping off soon... I don't have too much to lose to get back into my old clothes... but I have about 20 to drop to be comfortable... and 30 to my goal weight! Not to mention these nursing boobs are out of control... but that's something I refuse to make go away... so I'm gonna deal with my double's until they sag to the floor I guess... anyone know of an awesome bra?? I am going to be lucky if I can just keep a tiny smidge of their current perkiness.

I am hoping Wednesday will reveil a loss... that's my normal weigh in day, and the scale and I aren't usually friends. However, if it shows me that I have lost anything... maybe I'll make it a cake!


Muffin Cake said...

Pretty cake!!!

Alea said...

I think the cake looks fantastic! I would love to do a Wilton course sometime, it sounds fun!

Elizabeth said...

GORGEOUS! Even at your suggestion I cannot mistake your roses for carnations. I'm jealous of your made cake decorating skillz!

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