Sunday, June 29, 2008

So, can I just cry for a moment? I have reached my end. I mentioned a few weeks ago my inability to do everything... and how I would just stop. Well, once again, my obvious pitfalls were pointed out to me, and I realized that I am not appreciated, no matter what I do. I also mentioned at one point in time that I loved staying at home, watching my little boy grow. I guess watching a little boy blossom into a man is more along the lines of watching soaps than watching water boil... They both seem the same at the surface (pointless)... but at least one of them will actually amount to something useful later.

I have come to another enlightenment... I make a lot of mistakes. I am sure you all could have guessed that one, without me even having to say it. But when I make mistakes, I have a plethora of people around me that relish in that fact... and they have to point it out to me numerous times. I mentioned today that we needed to leave for church for a 10:30 service, only to have it shouted from the rooftops that the service was really at 11:00. After the shouting ended... the nudging began... yep... I was nudged during the church service to be shown the bulletin that had clearly printed on it "Service Times: 9:00 & 11:00". Thank you for this gentle reminder.

If there were a scarlet letter for my position in life, it'd probably be a M... I am a mom... a maid... and a moron for staying where I am.

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Muffin Cake said...

M for Marvelous, maybe?

Just sending big hugs your way. Welcome to Mommyhood, where everything you do shapes a life, but no matter what decisions you make you'll be questioned.

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