Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Things that just are the way they are...

1. I will always trust my parents more than my husbands parents... not that they are bad people, or that they shouldn't be trusted... but my parents are my parents. I don't mind them in my house, taking care of my son, doing things for me... that's what they do. I will likely never feel as close to my in laws.

2. When I am sick, I don't want people over. That includes anybody... even if they are volunteering to cook for me, or clean my house, or take care of the baby... somehow I still end up entertaining... so let's just avoid the hassle and let me get better... I'll invite you when I am good and ready.

3. Traveling 1 hour for a pie that nobody is going to eat just because it was made for you isn't a reason to get 2 adults and 1 newborn dressed, packed, and ready to go. Especially when it means that we drive to the location of the pie... and drive straight home. Pumpkin pie doesn't like to wait in the car while you finish Christmas Shopping.

4. I set my own limitations. If I want to take the baby overnight (even if I had surgery), give me the baby! If I want to go to Target, take me to the store. Do not tell me that I can't do something. I know my body better than you do... so let me call the shots sometimes.

5. I will always tell you that I don't need to be taken care of... I will always tell you that I don't need help. Please realize that when you are over to help me... you need to actually help me. Staying in a different room the entire day is not taking care of me. Not taking the baby isn't taking care of me... you can always try changing a diaper... I will never complain and say no.


Finding Me said...

Don't you wish you could actually say these things and for people to understand them without getting offended/offensive...I do.

Finding Me said...

BTW the previous comment was made by me (KQ) from the nest...not some stalker. :)

JustJazzy said...

I totally agree with number #1. I hope everything is getting a little bit better for you.

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