Wednesday, August 15, 2007


So... I have never blogged before... and I never really thought about what it means to blog... I think it's actually a rather strange concept. But... I need an outlet; somewhere to unload all of this stuff that fills my head and that I have nowhere to dump. Sometimes it's about work. Other times it's about my hubby, the dogs, this pregnancy... sometimes it's just about me.

I am not sure really how I am going to do this... but I kept a diary when I was a child and I love to write myself notes now... don't even ask. I think that I am going to just take a few minutes when I need to unwind and jot down my feelings. I am not sure who would even read this... but I may adjust things as needed to keep the peace, but my true feelings will always shine through.

That all being said... my name is Tabitha. I am a 24 year old expecting mother who works part time and loves every part of my life.... I am sure you could hear that laughter... I have a great husband, 2 dogs, a cat, and a wonderful home. I help my mom out at her school after I get out of work, and I love to stay busy... which will be easy by the time this baby gets here. Oh yeah, I am due in November with our first child. It'll be a fun 89 days until baby gets here...

Ok... well... that's a start... everything starts somewhere... so why not here. :o)

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