Sunday, August 19, 2007

Dealing with the Hubby...

I love my husband. I should say that one right off the bat so that nobody misconstrues what I am about to say.

But he drives me nuts. He travels a lot for work... and when he is home, he is on vacation... or at least what he believes is his right to a vacation. He likes to watch movies (and not ones that I like), play XBox, and just lounge around. He likes to lay back in his underwear with a cold drink and not a care in the world on the couch while watching his beloved dvd of the month.

I, however, am 7 months pregnant. I want things to start getting done... to come together before I feel like we officially ran out of time. I want to get the nursery painted and furnished. I want to train the dogs to listen. I want to be ready when the baby shows up. But I feel like asking him to help me is like pulling teeth.

This morning, we woke up. Or I should say that I woke up... because he stayed in bed. I wake up to find out that his constant overfeeding of the dog has caused me to wake up to the lovely aftermath of a meal gone bad... all over our living room floor. I ask him to come help me... but he is in his "vacation sleep"... you know, where you sleep until 10am just because you can... and then you wasted your whole day! Yeah... so... me and this ginormous belly decide that we have to have this crap cleaned up before we can eat... no help to the hubby. And anyone who has been prego knows how hard it is to be on your hands and knees to clean something up.

I go to paint the nursery, determined that it will be finished today... no matter what! He follows. In his underwear. But... the nursery gets painted, (YAY!) and the chair rails are going to wait because he doesn't want to have to deal with them "sagging" when we try to paint them... does it really really matter??? We are going to put them right onto the wall anyway. So... I think I'll have to do that on my own.

I get frustrated... and he goes to watch Down Periscope... but he feels that he helped because he washed the dishes from the pancakes I made for breakfast...

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