Friday, June 11, 2010

Day 10: RetroMe

Once upon a time I was little too...

Do you see my kids in me?

We grew up in a UPC church... lots of rules.. clean shaven men, women all wore pantyhose... big hair bows. Wait! That last one was optional... I think... but the shoulder pads and ruffles weren't. Um, hello!! It was the 80s!!

One of my favorite memories as a kid was decorating for birthdays. We would blow up those little balloons and then rub them on our heads to stick them to the wall with static. So simple. I wish life was just that easy now.

Speaking of which... I have begun a bit of an internal simplification. I think that my life gets too complicated because I make it that way. My goal is to simplify and to be happy with less... only my best! What do you do to keep life simple?

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