Saturday, January 16, 2010

Back in the Saddle

This morning I got the kids up and dressed, then bribed the husband out the door.  We headed to the gym for a class that I have been loving since my sister made me go right around Christmas... Cycle.

The hubs regularly goes out mountain biking and says that he wants to do some road biking. He has the fancy shoes... the kinds that clip right onto the pedals and the fancy bike shorts with the pad(?) in it... I swear, this thing is so thick that it would be classified as "Maxi Overnight with Wings".  But I digress.

Anyway, Tracy took us on a great one hour ride, up climbs, on speed runs, and through intervals. It was a very good workout, aimed to burn 400-600 calories. And I worked my tail off... keeping my tush off that hard excuse of a seat. And Hubby proved while his Maxi'd butt was required... as he kept his bum planted on that seat and just figured that he'd pedal as fast as he could.

Although he argues that he went faster and further than anyone else in the classroom, I am going to say that I totally kicked his butt. I wouldn't say I was better than someone at basketball because I can dribble like no other... it's all about playing the game by the rules that are set... and I did... and then I schooled him.

And it made me happy.

Once I have stuck with this for 6 months (because I will) I will be asking for these for my birthday... pretty, huh? I am not the most fashion forward girl, but I will say that sometimes shoes just make things all worth while!

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