Saturday, November 7, 2009

Saturday Church

About a month ago, our church started having a Saturday night service. It was due in part to the fact that we are not in our own building. We are currently in a local elementary school. And we are outgrowing it like crazy. It's hard to believe how fast we are growing, but we are... and since the building can't grow with us, and we aren't going to shut people out... we now have church on Saturday night...

and we LOVE it! I love being able to do our normal Saturday stuff... head to church at 5pm. We are out by 6:30, and can still go do things! We can catch a movie, go out to dinner, or even hang out with friends, and we don't have to sacrifice a naptime!! That in and of itself was the biggest motivator for us to go to Saturday night church. Ryan can take his normal naps. Sunday church happened right in the middle of naptime, causing him to go down 2 hours later... and have a total meltdown every.single.Sunday because of it.

But you know... if you ask Dustin, he'd tell you that he loves Saturday church because we don't miss the game on Sunday... maybe that's why Saturday church started... football season. huh...

... anyway, check us out!

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