Thursday, August 13, 2009

Just a Drive... and our first ever GIVEAWAY!

I took the boys out for a drive today. I needed a break, to pick up a prescription... and a need for a McD's coke. Little Corbin wasn't having it... crying pretty much the whole time, and Ryan sat there... plugging his ears... which made me giggle.

Then I remembered my secret weapon... it got me through many sleepless nights and cranky drives with Ryan.

These cd's are awesome! The group over at Rockabye Baby have come up with their own beautiful reditions of classic rock music, trading the guitars and drums for soothing chimes, vibraphones and bells. Plus, I can sing along with my favorites (although the songs are lyric free) and don't go psycho over the 15th round of twinkle twinkle. It's also great for those hubbies that don't know traditional lullabys anyway!

In any event, I popped it in, Corbin settled down... and I enjoyed the drive home in a way that only a mom of a now silent sleeping babe can do. That coke helped, too.

So, since I feel like everyone needs (at least) one of these albums... even if it's just for your own relaxation... and since I am a Rockabye Baby reseller... I want to gift one to you! All you need to do is post a comment letting me know another trick you have to getting your babies to sleep when everything else fails... I'll use a random number picker to choose a winner on August 20th... and you can pick your favorite Rockabye Baby album. How's that?!

Have a great Thursday... I know I am!


Muffin Cake said...

An oldie but a goodie: bouncing on the yoga ball!

Courtney said...

With Aidan all it took was either a drive around the block or putting him in his carseat on top of the dryer (I stood there and held him, of course). Sim is my easy sleeper- all she wants is a bottle of warm milk!

Aidan loves Barenaked Ladies kids CD- "Snacktime". Sometimes that is all that will calm him down while driving.

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