Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Works for Me Wednesday- Motivated Moms

I know I have talked on several occasions about getting my life put together and trying to be a better housewife. This is by far one of my goals in life... if I were to get 3 wishes from a genie in a lamp, #2 would be to have my house completely together and make it look effortless (behind being debt-free of course... I am saving #3 for a really good wish).

In my quest, I have tried checklists that I have made, chore emails, running myself ragged doing everything all at once... none of it really helped. I'd end up bored with my checklist, putting the emails to my junk box and exhausted. So, I started the quest again...

This time, I found Motivated Moms. They have a planner that you can download for $8 for the year. You print out your checklists all at once or one week at a time, up to you, and put it somewhere for you to remember to check it. Mine is now on the fridge. Each day has 5 small chores to do, from vacuuming bedrooms to clipping children's nails, so that everything gets taken care of eventually without you getting worn out. There are also the "daily dozen" as I call them that need to be taken care of daily... things like throwing the trash, feeding the pets, and doing the dishes. But the best thing is that I can do these little baby steps, check them off and feel accomplished!
They do have a few different versions, including full page and half page, and one even has daily bible readings. Check them out by clicking the link below! I don't know about you, but $8 was well worth my sanity!

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