Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Making $20 Work Hard!

Ok... so CVS is having a good promo right now for CocaCola and Kellogg's cereal... so I decided to head in to use some coupons and make my money work hard. These deals are ones that ANYONE can do... and the promo is until Saturday night... but I thought I'd show you how hard I made $20 work!

It was 3 transactions total...

1st Transaction:
5 12pks of CocaCola (3/$12)= $20
*When you spend $20 on Coke, get $10 ECB to be used on next tranaction.
*Used 5 $1/1 12pk coupons... I got these at www.mycokerewards.com by saving up my coke points!
Total Out of Pocket: $15

2nd Transaction:
2 boxes Kelloggs's Frosted Flakes (3/$10)= $6.67
1 box Kellogg's Frosted Mini Wheats (3/$10)= $3.33
*When you spend $10 on Kellogg's, get $5 ECB to be used on next transaction.
*Used 3 $1/1 box of Kellogg's coupons. I got these at www.kelloggs.com. You can print each coupon twice!
2 tubes Desitin Ointment ($2.99)= $5.98
*Used 2 $1/1 Desitin coupons from the paper (2 weeks ago).
*Used $10 ECB from previous tranaction.
Total Out of Pocket: $.98

3rd Transaction:
1 tube Desitin Ointment ($2.99)= $2.99
*Used 1 $1/1 Desitin Coupon from paper
3 Johnson&Johnson Bath products ($2.99)= $8.97
*Used 3 $1/1 J&J coupons from paper
*Used $5 ECB from previous transaction.
Total Out of Pocket: $2.96

Final Out of Pocket for 3 tranactions: $18.94!!!
*Total Savings (advertised and coupons): $49.22!!!

You can make your money work this hard too! And I love that it's all products we use every single day! If you want to give CouponSense a try.... go to www.couponsense.com and say Tabitha Lehman referred you!

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