Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Be a Fantastic Parent #6

6. Savor the Moments: Yes, parenthood is the most exhausting job on the planet. Yes, your house is a mess, the laundry's piled up, and the dog needs to be walked. But your kid just laughed. Enjoy it now -- it will be over far too fast.

I don't like to think that Ryan's days of laughing are numbered... but I do think that the days that he will come cuddle on my lap (while I am trying to fold the laundry) or want to play peekaboo (when I am trying to do the dishes) will all come to an end far sooner than I ever imagined.

I made a decision to be a mom that is more worried about how great Ryan's life can be than how clean my house is. I will gladly leave a cluttered counter for a day at the park with the kiddo that steals my heart anytime! I will serve take out, I will stay up late to pay bills, and I'll even skip a shower (shhhhh) just to get a few more minutes with him.

I can't tell you what we did last weekend, but I can tell you that every day, whether we have cheerios or pancakes for breakfast, Ryan and I do our best to jam as many giggles in as possible. Now, if only there was a way to pack those up in a box so I can keep them forever. :o)

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