Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Being a Fantastic Parent #3

The AZLehman's are down for the count with all kinds of germy goodness... but I spaced this last week, so I wanted to get in here to tell you what makes you a great parent!

#3: Kiss and Hug Your Spouse In Front of the Kids. Your marriage is the only example your child has of what an intimate relationship looks, feels, and sounds like. So it's your job to set a great standard.

This one isn't that hard... but I think there is another side to this one called "Don't argue in front of the kids, too." Dustin and I make sure that Ryan sees us being in love, and we try to keep our disagreements from the dinner table. I don't mean making out on the couch during playtime... but we hold hands when we go out, we kiss hello and goodbye no matter what... and our favorite thing to do is Family Hugs... aka "The Ryan Sammich". Ryan loves these big group hugs and he will purposely pull both of our heads in for a big hug if one of us is holding him.

I really hope that one day Ryan meets a great girl and knows exactly how to treat her and how to be a great husband because of the examples that we show him now!


I also wanted to let you know... I only saved 60% at Fry's last night... but I had to buy things like toilet paper... booo... :oP

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Courtney said...

I am bummed that Fry's doesn't carry the Cottonelle 4 packs anymore! I am picky about my TP- only Charmin (and not the Basic kind- Tommy bought that once and *ugh* I hate using it) or Cottonelle. I know it costs me a little extra, but it's worth it!

And I love these posts! They are great!

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